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Nick Kyrgios fined by ATP for trying too hard in Washington

2019 Citi Open champion Nick Kyrgios has been fined by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for trying too hard.

The complicated Australian, whose fragile temper can quickly transform him from the best player in the world to the worst, is often criticised for not trying during matches.

In fact, Kyrgios has a laundry list of fines for indiscretions like not trying in matches, lashing out at umpires and pretending to jack off a water bottle.

But this time he's really ticked off the ATP by putting in some effort and actually winning a tournament.

"Kyrgios has disgraced tennis once again by winning the Citi Open", a spokesperson for the ATP said.

"It's completely out of character for him to knuckle down and actually win tournaments. He's supposed to be the clown who entertains the crowd but never makes it past the early rounds, like those idiots you see on The X Factor who can't sing a note.

"We let him off in Acapulco, but this time we've been forced to issue a fine of $384,120, the prize money he would have taken home for winning the tournament.

"Hopefully, Nick will think twice next time before he decides to actually play some tennis and beat our beloved Next Gen players like Tsitsipas."

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