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Racist fourth official from PSG/Istanbul game appointed new President of FIFA

The fourth official whose "racist remark" caused last night's Champions League clash between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir to be abandoned has been appointed President of FIFA.

Sebastian Coltescu was accused of racially abusing Basaksehir's assistant coach, Pierre Webo, in the early stages of the Champions League group match after Webo had protested a referee's decision from the touchline.

Footage of the incident appeared to show the Romanian official pointing out Webo to the referee by saying: "the black one over there. Go and check who he is. The black one over there; it's not possible to act like that".

Substitute and former Chelsea player Demba Ba led the protests, prompting both teams to leave the pitch and abandon the match entirely.

The incident quickly went viral, with most expressing their disgust at Coltescu's actions, but the official's apparent racial prejudice did impress at least a few people, namely the FIFA Council.

Coltescu reportedly received a call from current FIFA President Gianni Infantino after the abandoned match, who praised him for his performance. According to a source, Infantino confided in Coltescu that he was on his way out following a series of controversies and had been looking for a successor, a new face to uphold FIFA's key values: corruption, racism and bribery.

The corruption and bribery, he would learn in "no time at all", but he had proven to the Council that he had the racism part nailed already. Coltescu will on Monday following an intensive three-day training course in Panama.

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