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Rochdale not overlooking 'massive underdogs' Man United

League One side Rochdale A.F.C. have insisted they're not overlooking underdogs Manchester United ahead of their Carabao Cup clash on Wednesday.

"It's a dangerous thing being the overwhelming favourites; we can't afford to let that go to our heads", said Rochdale manager Brian Barry-Murphy.

"Look what happened to FC Astana last week in the Europa League. They lost a match they should be winning 7 or 8 nil against the very same team.

"They can be a tricky side at times. It's not easy playing against teams content to sit back and hit long balls all game, even if it is Ashley Young lofting most of them straight to our keeper or into the stands. Anything can happen when you have a player like Jesse Lingard in your squad."

Unfortunately, the tie will not be shown on any UK television networks, with BT Sport and Sky Sports perhaps anticipating yet another embarrassing defeat for the former Premier League titans.

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