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Ronaldo touches down safely at Turin Airport after Sampdoria game

CRISTIANO Ronaldo has safely touched down at Turin Airport in Italy following a brief scare during Juventus' 2-1 victory over Sampdoria.

The Portuguese star took flight to reach a cross from left-back Alex Sandro at the end of the first half at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genoa.

Remarkably, Ronaldo leapt 2.56 metres in the air to score the winning goal, but the away fans' cheers were quickly brought to a halt when it became apparent that Ronaldo wasn't coming back down.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United player continued to rise out of the stadium until he was no longer visible to the naked eye.

But thankfully Ronaldo was spotted touching down at Turin Airport near Juventus' home stadium this afternoon, still wearing his full kit and looking a bit worse for wear, having spent the better part of two days floating above Italy.

A baggage handler working at the airport said Ronaldo landed in his trademark "siiiii" celebration stance and the only thing he said before bouncing back to Juventus' training facility to get back to work was "let's see Messi do that".

This year's Ballon D'Or winner will no doubt respond with something equally otherworldly in his next match for Barcelona.

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