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SELFISH Sterling ROBS Liverpool of Title Limelight, says Daily Mail

A Daily Mail investigation has found breakfast-eating-house-buyer Raheem Sterling has outdone his previous evil deeds of munching croissants and purchasing property - by stealing all of Liverpool’s hard-earned title limelight.

"In a despicable act of self-interest earlier this week, Raheem Sterling robbed honest, hard-working Liverpool of the chance to win the title on their own terms, by lazily refusing to dribble past Cesar Azpilicueta frequently enough for Man City to beat Chelsea," a Mail Online columnist revealed today.

"And we bet Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard were watching in their 'pads' on television, laughing along with the rest of their 'bros', and dancing in celebration. You know what they’re like – they love dancing."

The Daily Mail's allegations have been criticised by a number of other media outlets, among which were The Sun.

"As a right-wing paper, we usually can’t wait to lay into Sterling," a Sun spokesman admitted. "But on this occasion, we'd like to congratulate Raheem for denying Liverpool the chance to win the title the way they wanted to. Because if there’s one thing we inexplicably and unjustifiably despise more than Raheem Sterling, it’s scousers."

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