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Shock as people apparently still watching cricket

Sports fans across the world were shocked as it was revealed people are still watching cricket.

Image: Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images

The news comes after Australian cricketer Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera 'ball-tampering', which at first sounded intriguing but unfortunately turned out to be just another boring cricket term involving tape, a cricket ball and some dirt.

But more shocking than the sight of a man with his hands down his pants and scuffing his ball with a makeshift form of sandpaper was the revelation that people are still tuning in to watch a sport where one match can last up to five days without a single moment of excitement.

We spoke with three cricket fans and asked them what keeps them watching the sport. Simon Rogers, 62 and a lifelong cricket fan, who had this to say:

"I can't watch sports that are too exciting because of the angina, so cricket's just perfect for me. It's either that or golf, and I'm not f***ing watching golf."

Clinton Smith, a 37-year-old accountant from Bradford, explained what he finds so fascinating about the sport:

"You just never know what's going to happen. Is the bowler going to spin it to the right, left, or not at all?! Are the fielders going to move? Sometimes, I can't keep up!"

Chris Ramsbottom, 31, another avid cricket fan (albeit for very different reasons), said:

"I love cricket. Well, I don't really pay much attention to the matches; they're boring as f***, but cricket grounds are a great place to get absolutely blitzed.

"I've been going to watch both England and my local team, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, for years, and I don't remember a single match, even the few where I was sober."



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