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Sky Sports Main Event to add noise of drunk man screaming "C**T!"

Sky Sports have confirmed that fans will have the option to add a looped audio recording of West Ham fan Ryan 'The Bulldozer' Stevens during football matches for the remainder of the season.

According to reports, the channel is aiming to recreate the true experience of watching a game from the family stand.

Stevens, who was selected from a random lottery of Good Morning Britain viewers, wore an England shirt three sizes too small for him to our interview.

"They need to know they’re shit. They know who they are. Occasionally I’ll throw in a 'useless bastard' to keep 'em on their toes.

"It’s been gutting not watching games in the pub, but I do my best with a pint on the hour, every hour, brought over by the missus. After the last match, I’ll change my phone ringtone – I’m cycling between 'It’s Coming Home', the national anthem and a recording of the one time my dad said he loved me. Then it’s off to bed where I’ll read another chapter of Plato’s 'Republic'."

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