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Sold-out crowd excited for Federer-Nadal wondering "who the f*** is this Indian guy?"

Thousands of fans excited to see the 41st instalment of the legendary rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in round 1 of this year's US Open are wondering who the f*** the mysterious Indian guy is that appears to have taken Nadal's place.

One confused fan tweeted from the stands after 20 minutes of play: "Love the US Open! Some lucky Indian kid got to rally with Federer before the Fedal match. Taking a while though. When's Rafa coming out?!"

Another on-looker had this to say: "Wow, Rafa looks so different in person than on TV. He's so tanned!"

A less understanding fan asked "who the f*** is this Indian guy and where's Rafa? I paid $300 for this ticket plus $400 in Viagogo fees. Is the Indian guy dying? Is this some Make-A-Wish Foundation type deal?"

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