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Souness to Pogba: "Put your d*** on the table, we'll see who's bigger"

Football pundit Graeme Souness has added more fuel to the fire in his feud with Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba by challenging him to a 'flop off' live on television.

Souness, a former Liverpool player and manager before making a career out of punditry, has repeatedly criticised Pogba since his £90million transfer to Manchester United back in 2016.

And until this week, Pogba had remained silent on the issue, but finally hit back on his club's official podcast, claiming he "didn't know who [Souness] was" before the criticism began. Souness first responded on Sky Sports' 'The Football Show', stating: "you know the oldest saying in football comes to mind: Put your medals on the table. I’ve got a big table", referring to his three European Cup medals and five English league titles as a Liverpool player and seemingly forgetting Pogba's World Cup medal and other accolades.

But after likely spending a whole night ruminating on the French player's jibe instead of sleeping, the angry Scotsman followed up this morning with another challenge. Speaking on Sky Sports News via video link, Souness interrupted a discussion between fellow Liverpool retiree Jamie Carragher and presenter Dave Jones about the transfer window to say:

"Sorry guys, I just need to get something off my chest. I've been thinking a lot about Paul Pogba again and the backlash I got because he has a World Cup medal, so here's a new challenge, Paul.

"Let's put an end to this right now: sod the medals, we'll put our dicks on the table instead and see whose is bigger," declared Souness, phallically gesturing with a pen towards the camera, before standing up slamming his fully erect penis onto his desk.

"You've got 24 hours to respond, or the world will know you're nothing more than a wee French mademoiselle who pissed off the wrong Scotsman."

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