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Swastika in Bubba Wallace's kitchen actually just leftover spaghetti

A swastika believed to have been placed in Nascar driver Bubba Wallace's kitchen was actually just a plate of spaghetti which had been left there since as early as last week, it has emerged.

After conducting a thorough investigation, the FBI concluded that Wallace, Nascar's only black full-time driver, was not the subject of a hate crime.

"The FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the spaghetti had been sat there for at least a week and had developed somewhat of a crust", Nascar said in a statement.

"It was obviously left by a wasteful, lazy man who cannot clean up after himself. Firstly, who leaves almost a full plate of spaghetti? Does Bubba not know how to measure his own pasta? It's not like it's difficult; you can just use the hole in the middle of the pasta spoon as a guide.

"And let's not even mention his hygiene. What kind of man leaves a plate of spaghetti on the counter for a week? Judging from the pictures it had started to grow mould and this guy just walks past it every day instead of throwing it out or cleaning the plate.

"Nascar hereby confirms that Wallace's position in our organization is currently under review. Oh, and with regards to the swastika, the spaghetti did kind of look like a swastika, meaning that Wallace was also playing with his food. We are so disappointed."

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