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Terrified Joseph Parker hands WBO belt to Anthony Joshua

JOSEPH Parker understandably terrified of superior being Anthony Joshua, hands over belt.

Earlier today, WBO heavyweight champion, Joseph Parker went face to face for the first time with intimidating giant, and reigning IBF, IBO and WBA champion, Anthony Joshua.

In a bizarre twist, 10 seconds into the customary face-off, Parker broke his stare, exclaimed "no thanks, I'm out", immediately picked up his WBO belt, handed it over to the monolithic man-mountain and swiftly left the stage. The usually-humble Joshua continued the press conference, saying:

"I can't say I'm surprised... It's only natural for a puny mortal like Parker to cower in the presence of a supreme God-King. He fears me, as all of you should.

"Once I have all the belts, I will assume control of this planet and you inferior creatures. All shall kneel before me, especially the fat man, Tyson Fury."

Joshua then proceeded to pick up and bench-press promoter Eddie Hearn for the remainder of the press conference. It's estimated almost £100,000 fell from Hearn's pockets onto the stage.



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