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Tyson Fury Donates Lineal Heavyweight Title To Children In Need

HEAVYWEIGHT boxing superstar Tyson Fury has generously donated his lineal heavyweight title to Children in Need, it has emerged.

Britain's self-proclaimed "Gypsy King" is known for his big frame, big personality and more recently, his big heart.

The undefeated professional has had a rollercoaster career so far, having fought his way to the top of the world by beating long-reigning heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, only to immediately dive off headfirst into a pit of homophobia, mental health issues and about 140lbs worth of kebabs and beer.

But Fury made a remarkable resurgence in the last two years, losing all that weight, overcoming his battle with depression and giving WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder a boxing lesson in Las Vegas.

Not only that, but the 6'9 heavyweight even pledged to donate his £7million purse for that fight to charity. Nobody knows if he actually did it, but the idea alone is amazing enough.

And the magnanimous man mountain has stunned us all once again with his latest display of altruism: Fury has promised to donate his lineal heavyweight title to raise money for BBC's Children in Need event.

Nobody has ever seen the prestigious title, but the Manchester boxer assures us it's a sight to behold.

"It's the most valuable title in sports, but I'm giving it away to those less fortunate because that's just the man I am", said Fury.

"I've got no use for it. It's too flashy and it weighs a ton, because it's made of solid gold and encrusted with 4,000 24 carat diamonds, 2,000 emeralds and 500 red rubies.

"I reckon it'll fetch about a billion pounds, easy. I just need to find it first."

What an incredible man.

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