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UFC-Venum deal: "Huge rewards for fighters", says Dana White

Following the announcement that apparel brand Venum has replaced Reebok as the UFC's exclusive outfitting partner, UFC President Dana White has confirmed the deal will reap "huge rewards" for fighters.

White confirmed in an interview earlier today that in place of the fight rewards from Reebok, which ranged from $2,500 to $40,000 depending on experience and ranking, that "all fighters will now receive a 5% discount on all Venum gear when they use the code "MONEY-FOR-DANA" before making a purchase at"

"And not only that", exclaimed an excitable Dana White, "but for every item of merchandise a fighter sells, they will receive 10% of the profits in the form of "Dana Bucks", the UFC's brand new currency that can be spent either on Venum Gear or any other official UFC merchandise you can imagine."

Asked about what the UFC is making from the deal, White simply stated: "Just a lot of smiles and happiness. I'm just so proud and excited to do this for our fighters. They sacrifice so much for this organizaton and they deserve a treat every once in a while."

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