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We visited Luis Ortiz' nursing home to ask about his next fight

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Cuban heavyweight boxer Luis Ortiz at the Palace Renaissance Nursing Home in Miami, Florida for an interview about his next fight.

Honestly, we couldn't get much sense out of him. One minute he'd be talking about fighting Deontay Wilder again, and the next he'd reminisce about the times he fought John L. Sullivan and Jack Johnson.

After asking no less than eight times if we were his sons and complaining about how they never visit (he doesn't even have any sons, by the way), he ranted about the "major role" he played in the Cuban Revolution for 35 minutes before going off on a tangent about how lovely the pudding is at the Palace Renaissance. In fairness, it really is a beautiful place.

We'll drop in again when he's feeling a bit more himself and stops asking what round it is.

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