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"EVERYTHING IS FINE", insists Antonio Conte

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has confirmed there is no crisis at the club and that "everything is fine".

The Italian has come under heavy criticism in recent weeks after a lacklustre season and has serially insulted the club's owners, the majority of its staff and even the players.

"I'm not sure what the fuss is about", he said. "So I probably won't win any trophies this season. What are they going to do, fire me before my contract is up?

"Who else could have brought world-class players like Alvaro Morata, Olivier Giroud and Ross Barkley to the club?"

Blissfully unaware of the club's revolving door policy, he also stated:

"From my conversations with the club's owners, I can tell they're a patient, reasonable bunch and just want me to be happy. I don't think they care much about trophies. So I have no doubt I'll still be here next season."

Following Conte's comments, odds on him exiting the club this season have since been slashed to 1/1000.


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