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Guardiola praises Man City fans after failing to notice their absence

Pep Guardiola mistakenly praised the atmosphere created by Manchester City supporters during his team’s 3-0 victory over Arsenal on Monday evening, after failing to realise none of them were actually at the match.

"Our amazing fans deserve all the credit for the win tonight," declared Guardiola.

"Because I noticed absolutely zero difference in atmosphere compared to usual. If that doesn’t say something about the kind of atmosphere City fans produce for us every week, then I don’t know what does.

"I’d also like to point out that the Arsenal away support was every bit as intimidating and ferocious as usual too," the Spaniard added. “And I’m sure that despite the lockdown, the latte bars of Manchester will be absolutely packed with Gooners this evening."

After reporters pointed out to Pep that, in actual fact, there were zero City supporters in attendance, the manager denied suggestions that he pays no genuine attention to his team’s fans.

"OK, so were there zero supporters in the stadium," he shrugged. "That’s what, eleven less than usual? You can’t blame me for not noticing such an insignificant difference when we now own more clubs than we have fans."

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