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Tottenham release DVD of Arsenal game in time for Christmas

Panicking about Christmas? Still have presents to buy? Well panic no more, because Tottenham Hotspur have released a DVD of the club's emphatic victory over London rivals Arsenal in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup.

Not only that, if you buy the DVD directly from the club's official website, they'll guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. Incredible.

Just picture it; you've finished your Christmas dinner and nobody can stomach another festive film with the family. You pop open the DVD player, grab the disc, stick it in like Son Heung-min, then you and the whole family sit back and watch the mighty Tottenham Hotspur's awe-inspiring 2-0 win at the Emirates.

The DVD even includes 3 hours of exclusive bonus footage dedicated to the moment Dele Alli was hit in the head by a water bottle.

We can't wait to see what the club have in store for us if they beat Chelsea in the semi-finals or, heaven forbid, win the whole tournament.



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