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WOW! Floyd Mayweather shows off diamond-encrusted genitals in Instagram post

Retired boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr has astonished fans with his latest purchase.

Mayweather, whose professional record stands at 50-0 after beating UFC's Conor McGregor by TKO in the 10th round in 2017, is known for flaunting his extravagant purchases on social media, but his most recent buy has surely raised the bar.

In his latest Instagram post, the self-proclaimed 'Best Ever' once again shocked the boxing world when he posted a photo of his newly diamond-encrusted genitals, as seen below (warning: viewer discretion is advised).

It's not clear who 'TBE' commissioned to carefully place the 280 carats worth of diamonds on his penis and testicles, but we're sure they were well paid... In fact, Mayweather's genitals are now estimated to be worth at least $21million!

Whether they're still functional remains to be seen, but what else does the richest athlete in the world do once he has everything?



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