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Phil Jones to coach Manchester United strikers

Manchester United defender is to coach Manchester United strikers after wonder goal against own team

After the English defender scored an impeccable first-time finish against Tottenham (albeit in his own team's net), manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly offered the player a first-team coaching role.

He will be teaching the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez and Anthony Martial in the art of scoring a goal. Mourinho had this to say:

"Clearly, we have a problem with our attack. The answer to that problem is Phil Jones. The delicacy and panache with which he struck the ball past the best keeper in the world is unbelievable, no?

"If I had known I had such an amazing striker before the transfer window I wouldn't have bothered buying Alexis Sanchez."

It is understood Jones is set to renegotiate his contract this week, with a huge salary increase expected to make him the highest paid player in the Premier League.


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