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Trump urges athletes to kneel during national anthem after Fergie fiasco

Donald Trump has urged athletes via Twitter to kneel during national anthem following Fergie's infamous rendition at this year's NBA All-Star game

The former Black Eyed Peas singer delivered a sultry, breathy, laugh-inducing rendition of the US national anthem to open proceedings at this year's All-Star game last week. Since then, clips showing the performance drawing giggles from the likes of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Chance the Rapper have done the rounds on social media.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to humorously and ruthlessly mock the performance, some even going as far to brand it the "worst rendition ever", none more ruthlessly than the President of the United States himself.

President Trump, the only world leader in history to implement policies predominantly through social media and always quick to pounce at the sight of a vulnerable woman, tweeted:

"Very important that NFL players and all athletes KNEEL during the national anthem from now on after @Fergie MURDERED it!! #WeAreWorkingOnANewOne".

Unconfirmed reports are circulating that avid Trump supporters and rock stars, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, have been collaborating on a new national anthem. If true, we can no doubt expect the new anthem to include references to the joys of misogyny and shooting animals for fun, an uncomfortably long psychedelic guitar riff and terms such as 'badass' and 'bozo'.


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